How often has it happened that you’ve looked at movie stars on the red carpet, their toes sparkling in strappy sandals, or fashion models barefoot on the catwalk, and thought how sexual their feet are?  Yes, part of their secret is foot care, with smooth soft skin that truly is sensual.

A healthy well groomed foot speaks of aesthetics and hygienic care.  Women and men should be caring for their feet every day, and particularly in our harsh summer when toes and heels are exposed.

Regular professional foot care prevents problems such as cracked dry skin, warts and sores, ingrown toenails, fungal infection, and general neglect which can even cause problems with walking.

Shay Lee Cosmetics professionals will care for your feet and work to restore their healthy appearance.

In our wonderfully tranquil atmosphere relax on a massage sofa, receive professional foot care advice and choose the treatments best suited to your needs:
• Medical pedicure – filing and removal of hard skin with gentle cosmetics especially suited to sensitive feet and diabetics.
• Paraffin peeling bath – softens foot skin and produces soft glowing skin that is smooth and pleasing to the touch.
• Foot massage – to accelerate blood flow and overcome the feeling of tired feet by enhance the sensation of freshness.
• Toenail shaping and removal of dead skin surrounding toenails – prevents toenail breakage and maintains a well groomed appearance.
• Toe nail polish – choose from our vast display to keep your feet looking young and healthy.

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• Filling and lacquer - 65 nis

• Mini pedicure - 115 nis

Filing, cleaning nails, application of lacquer, for when you don't have when you the time but want feminine and delicate nails.

• Classical pedicure - 175 nis

• Medical pedicure - 225 nis

Full treatment of the feet arrangement of the nails, removal of hard skin from the sole of the foot(removal of calluses and ingrown toenail if necessary) , peeling mask, light massage with cream, hot paraffin bath and application of lacquer.

• Spa pedicure - 235 nis

Highly recommended this pampering treatment includes full medical pedicure, peeling mask, light massage with cream, hot paraffin bath and application of lacquer.

• Foot massage - 115 nis

A pleasurable 30- minute massage of the feet, for revitalization and relaxation.

• Application of lacquer - 25 nis

Within a few minutes the color of your toenails is renewed at a professional.

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