about us

Shay Lee Cosmetics, offering a unique aesthetic experience for women and men, is located in the heart of Tel Aviv at 106 Dizengoff Street.

Every day we provide aesthetic treatments to dozens of regular customers and many others who occasion by. 

In our unique atmosphere, matched by no other in Israel, regular and occasional customers enjoy our treatments, whether they on their way to an important business meeting, social event, and simply wish for a professional, pampering aesthetic experience: classic manicure, gel manicure, pedicure (also medical), hair removal, eyebrow shaping and more.

While you wait for your appointment in our new concept aesthetic center, or while receiving treatment for your feet, lean back on our comfortable back massage sofas, relax as you gaze at the gloriously colorful fish in the large backlit aquarium beneath our center’s glass floor, and enter another world.

Enjoy the fashion shows broadcast on wall wrapping screens, free Wi-Fi, hot and / or cold drinks or wine from our cellar, and a vast spectrum with hundreds of nail polish colors and types.

Shay Lee – never compromising on professionalism, quality, reliability and high end service.  Try us!


Why do we?

• אווירה מיוחדת שאין דומה לה בארץ

• צוות מקצועי עם וותק של שנים

• סוגי הלקים מחברות מובילות בעולם

• ציוד וכלים מהמוביל בתחום

• אסטטיקה גבוהה כנדרש בתחום זה

Our team: