Hands and fingernails are our personal "business card".  They say so much about us, without saying a single word.  Well groomed, they are synonymous with personal aesthetics, self-confidence and good taste.

At Shay Lee Cosmetics you'll receive professional advice on caring for your hands and nails, and treatments adapted to your personal needs: filing, removal of excess skin, and classic manicure.  Perhaps our gel manicure will suit you – it’s the newest trend for busy people, lasting for some three weeks and strengthening your nails.  We will also advise you on peeling, warm paraffin bath for your hands, and additional options that ensure good health and a young, fresh image.

Completing the treatment, choose the nail polish you love best from our huge selection.  Go for colors that match your personality or perhaps the outfit you’ve chosen for a specific event.

Our experts will be pleased to assist you with your choices.

• Filing and lacquer - 55 nis

• Classic manicure - 95 nis

Filing and arranging nails, removal of excess skin, application of cream with a light massage, application of lacquer.

• Application of lacqure - 25 nis

Within a few minutes the color of you nails is renewed at a professional level.

• Spa manicure - 135 nis

The most pampering and recommended treatment includes a classical manicure, peeling mask, light and relaxing massage up to the elbow, hot paraffin bath to insert moisture into the skin of the hands.

• Application of gel - 125 nis

The most natural, the healthiest.

• Gel manicure - 185 nis

includes classical manicure.


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